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Capable productive and relaxed working from home (foundation workshop for employees)


Do you work in home office or would you like to prepare for it? Do you have employees who would like to develop them to work more effectively and happily from home in order to retain them at your company? Then “Capable, productive & relaxed in home office” is right for you.


Home office knowledge for employees who just want to do their job

For many companies, home office was at most a marginal phenomenon until 2020. Quite suddenly, the world of work has changed fundamentally. Exactly this marginal phenomenon was explicitly demanded in many companies in everyday life, by society and politics.

For many employees who did not grow up as “digital natives”, this is a huge change. You must now acquire new skills very quickly.

In most industries, if you want to work successfully in the future, you cannot avoid learning what you really have to pay attention to when working remotely !

Here you will find all the necessary hand tools in a compact form so that you can confidently concentrate on an effective and productive everyday work with your home office! Mobile working stays and you are prepared for the future.

Duration: 1.5 days
Speaker: Hannah Nitschinger
Target group: Employees of companies that allow home office
Price per booking for max. approx. 12 employees

Topics basic workshop “Capable, productive & relaxed at home”

  • What requirements do you need to be able to work from home in a sustainable manner?
  • Technology is not everything – what is really part of home office?
  • What are the pros and cons of working from home?
  • Which hardware is necessary & how is the connection to your company?
  • Tools for easy & effective collaboration in a decentralized team
  • Communication and trust from home office
  • Stress and back pain – how do you work healthily in home office?

I can assure you that you are not alone with your questions about working from home. Discussions with a number of companies show us that comprehensive advice and / or training for decentralized work is useful and necessary almost everywhere.


Appointments can be made before or after booking.

Note if you would like to develop more individually in this area:

You can also book coaching on this topic from WHoO – experts for W orking in Home- O ffice . As a rule, we will then accompany you for 8 – 12 weeks. During this time you will develop your skills and learn to apply methods in a playful and goal-oriented manner that will make you and your hybrid or decentralized team / company fit and productive for the future.


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