Online communication executives

Motivating online communication for executives (half day company workshop)


For managers: motivating, goal-oriented and yet empathetic online communication made easy


Learn to master online communication in such a way that your team works just as productively as when they are sitting in the same office!

Duration: 4 hours
Speaker: Hannah Nitschinger
Target group: Executives, entrepreneurs and interested parties
Price per booking for max. approx. 12 participants

Do you worry about how you will be included in online meetings? Even if you communicate clearly: It is worth considering how online communication differs from face-to-face conversations and meetings. When your team is working from home, you probably want to keep them motivated and focused.

This is what you will learn or practice with regard to motivating online communication in the workshop:

  • Setting up and organizing online meetings and talks
  • Understand and use online communication processes
  • Clear structuring of online communication
  • Maintaining team focus at a distance: how to do it?
  • Confident handling of verbal and non-verbal signals in the home office
  • Building trust in the team as a basis for productive work – also in online communication
  • Objectives with a decentralized team
  • Development and relevance of self-efficacy in mobile teams
  • short digression on the possibilities of online collaboration (for more see separate

Target group for this online communication workshop:

This online workshop is aimed at companies whose managers want to lead their mobile teams successfully into the new world of work . It is important to you that your teams remain focused. You want your staff to work productively from their home office. You are aware of the importance of forward-looking communication in order to achieve these goals. Then this workshop is the right place for you as a company and your executives!

Appointments can be made before or after booking.

Note for managers who would like to develop further individually in this area:

You can also book coaching on this topic from WHoO – experts for W orking in Home- O ffice . As a rule, we will then accompany you for 8 – 12 weeks. During this time you will develop your skills and learn to apply methods in a playful and goal-oriented manner that will make you and your hybrid or decentralized team / company fit and productive for the future.

Note for individual entrepreneurs and managers who would like to take part in this workshop alone:

We also offer this workshop selectively as open training. Please use our contact form to inquire about appointments.


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