Appreciation in home office & with hybrid teams (impulse lecture)



“Real culture is revealed in the appreciation of personality.”
Paul de Lagarde

Duration: approx. 45 minutes + time for questions
Speaker: Hannah Nitschinger
Price per booking for max. approx. 500 participants
Alternative: Half-day workshops on appreciation in home office

Have you already acted appreciatively today? Are you met with encouragement and interest in the work environment? Do you work from your home office or in a decentralized team? Have you ever experienced how difficult it is to be mindful and focused with business partners and colleagues when communicating on screen?

It is all the more important at work in everyday life
… successful and
… to be happy.

What can you consider yourself if you want to treat your fellow human beings with respect? Does that help you at all? And why? How does that work in the age of video conferencing?

Don’t just stay true to yourself and your humanity! This also ensures that you will be noticed in home office! Because one thing is important to know: Appreciation reproduces itself! If you learn how to radiate and distribute them, you will experience greater respect and will also be able to convince and motivate your colleagues more easily.

Target group:

This online workshop is aimed at companies that want to emphasize pleasant, health-promoting interactions with each other, or with colleagues, employees and business partners in home office, at company meetings, health days or customer events. All companies planning larger events are addressed. The lecture can be booked as an online lecture here. If you would like to book a lecture on site or at your event location, please contact us directly. All bookings require prior appointments.

Goals of the webinar:

  • Raising awareness of appreciation and interest
  • Understand forms of recognition and be able to use them
  • Relief for your team by improving the working atmosphere
  • Increasing the chance of meeting basic social needs and the associated improvement in health

This is what you learned about appreciation in the lecture:

  1. Sharing and accepting appreciation for and from people
  2. Respect, benevolence, praise and recognition – doesn’t everyone do that?
  3. Appreciation in everyday work
  4. Workplace needs are a health factor

Note for individuals and teams who would like to train individual employees on the subject of appreciation:

There is also a shorter webinar that can be booked individually: Appreciation in and with home office (open webinar)

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