Healthy management of decentralized, mobile and hybrid teams

Remote healthy leadership (workshop for entrepreneurs and management)


Entrepreneurs and managers achieve better results through conscious support and “healthy leadership” of their teams.


Healthy management of decentralized teams – an insight

Did you know that both low and high levels of sick leave travel with executives? In countless management coaching and training sessions, we have noticed that many managers are not aware of this. They lack any everyday knowledge about healthy leadership. Entrepreneurs and managers who led their team purposefully and healthily when it was on site also find it difficult to deal with the same situation in home office age.

The connection between the leadership behavior of the superior, job satisfaction and the mental and physical health of the employee is well documented. Appropriate measures to raise awareness, develop and strengthen managers lead to an improvement in the relationship between managers and employees, which means that absenteeism can be reduced and health can be promoted.

Goals of the seminar:

  • Maintaining and strengthening the ability to work and productivity through more well-being and absenteeism reduction
  • Analysis/reflection on your own leadership style with interactive exercises

Duration: 2 days
Speaker: Hannah Nitschinger
Target group: Executives, entrepreneurs and decision-makers
Price per booking for max. approx. 6 – 8 managers from one company

Good reasons for healthy management in your company

Based on the reflection on the question of potential and resources, the economic well-being of companies is largely dependent on the well-being and job satisfaction of their employees. Managers are particularly in focus here, because on the one hand they act as “health managers” for the employees, but on the other hand they are affected themselves.

Managers are challenged when it comes to improving motivation, the working atmosphere and the attendance rate. They should, for example, avoid insults, reduce stress and build up resources – not an easy task in view of the increasing stress density.

But there are certainly ways to support managers with these requirements and thus contribute to relieving them and promoting health. The prerequisite for this is a corresponding sensitization of the managers as well as – as an indispensable basis – a healthy way of dealing with oneself.

The seminar aims to make participants aware of the effects of leadership behavior on the well-being, health and attendance of their employees and to promote healthy leadership behavior. With its salutogenetic approach, the event serves, among other things, to prevent work-related illnesses.

Content “Healthy management of decentralized teams”

  • Raising awareness of the connections between leadership behavior and health – dealing with the topic more consciously
  • Effects of leadership behavior on well-being and health
  • Recognizing overloaded employees and symptoms of overload
  • Dealing with team members in a healthy manner
  • Stress reduction and resource development for employees through health-oriented employee management, e.g. tools
    • Praise, appreciation, recognition
    • attention, interest
    • welcome talks
    • dealing with long-term patients
    • sick calls etc
    • Discussions with stressed, conspicuous and sick employees
    • transparency, information
    • Stress reduction, resource building
    • Working atmosphere, mood
  • Dealing with yourself in a healthy way – reducing stress and building up resources for managers
  • Self care as a management task – tools suitable for everyday use


  • In preparation, you can view questions from the workbook “Business success in home office” from the “WHoO New Work Checklists” series.
  • For larger companies, separate bookings for executives from different areas can make sense so that their requirements can be focused more specifically.

Appointments can be made before or after booking.

Note if you would like to develop more individually in this area:

You can also book coaching on this topic from WHoO – experts for W orking in Home- O ffice . As a rule, we accompany you in the first step for approx. 8 weeks. During this time you will develop your skills and learn to apply methods in a playful and goal-oriented manner that will make you and your hybrid or decentralized team / company fit and productive for the future.


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